Two Thumbs UP

20 Aug

image courtesy of Pixar Animation Studios

Image Courtesy of Pixar Animation Studios

A bitter and uninteresting 70-year old man who used thousands of colorful balloons to make his house fly all the way to South America, a Wilderness Explorer who is dying to earn his last badge to become a senior explorer, a dog with a translating collar which makes him talk and a gigantic bird. Who would make a movie out of these characters? Pixar thought it’s a good idea.

Up is Pixar’s 10th film since Toy Story in 1995 and the first to be feautured in Digital 3D.  It is about a cranky old man Carl Fredericksen  and an overeager Wilderness Explorer Russell who fly to South America in a flying house aided with helium balloons. Along the way they meet a talking dog named Dug and Kevin a huge and colorful bird. Four of them are set for a wonderful adventure filled with fun, learning, friendship and love. 

What probably makes Pixar movies lovable and memorable is their great way of building characters and relationships. I think this is Up’s strongest point. I was shedding a good amount of  tears even after just about 15 minutes of the film and the ending gave me that kind of a weep I never had in years. Yeah it’s a shame but I confess. Can’t help it.

Rusell is now part of my favorite characters list which also has Dory and Wall-E on it. I love his eagerness to help, his simple joys and ways and most of all his innocence. He is so lovable that he can give you a good laugh with his bloopers and childish remarks and at the same time a pinch to your heart with his simple longings and wishes. Jordan Nagai lent his voice for the character and I commend this 7 year-old boy for a job well done.  

Carl Fredericksen may be plain, bitter and boring in the most part of the film but the movie makes it a point to make the viewers understand and sympathize with him for having such behavior.

Some other animated flicks dwell largely on visuals jeopardizing the more important aspect of storytelling. Up promises to offer both. With the use of Digital 3D animation, the breath-taking sceneries, an unconventional plot and a great cast of characters, viewers will surely experience the kind of adventure they never had before.

I really hate myself lately for bringing with me loads of expectations everytime I go see a movie and end up with disappointments at the end of the day. But Up lives up to my expectations. It’s humor is a reminiscence of Finding Nemo (2003), the story is as moving as Wall-E (2008) and the adventure is on a par with that of The Incredibles (2004).

Rating: * * * * 1/2


One Response to “Two Thumbs UP”

  1. iceburn20 August 21, 2009 at 7:31 pm #

    All i can say is that the movie made me laugh…cry…and then laugh again. It’s amazingly touching to know how a person would love somebody to the extent of what he can do just to make his loveone reach their dreams even if they are not together any longer.This is truly one of my favorite animated movies. I agree with the author! Two thumbs up!!!

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