Too much!

25 Aug

Efforts are pouring out to give honor to President Cory Aquino for her unparalleled contributions to our country. One of these is the bid from some legislators to declare President Cory as National Hero. It is followed by an announcement from Central Bank weeks ago to include her portrait beside Ninoy in the P500 bill. Then there’s the controversial proposal of the Office of the President to mount a monument of hers in Luneta Park. The offer was greatly censured by the Aquino siblings particularly Noynoy who doubts the motive behind it. Kris, along with her 3 sisters is also set to record a Rosary DVD to be released by Star Cinema in memory of their mom.


Vilma as President Cory

Ate Vi as President Cory

I won’t be surprised if tomorrow someone will suggest proclaiming Tita Cory a saint or adding a subject in college about her life and works (like Rizal).           


 Since Star Cinema started to publicize its plan of producing a biopic of the most loved president, Kris Aquino has been very vocal about her choice of who will play the title role. She said she could not think of anybody else who could portray her mom better than the country’s Star for All Seasons, Vilma Santos. Such is going to be another milestone in Vilma’s movie career if this will push through.


But before Ate Vi takes on this once in a lifetime role, we will first see her portray a funny and heartwarming character in Star Cinema’s In My Life to be shown in cinemas this September 16. The movie is directed by Olivia Lamasan which also stars John Lloyd Cruz and Luis Manzano.



One Response to “Too much!”

  1. Regina September 3, 2009 at 10:23 am #

    wow…may hawig si Ate Vi…LOL

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