28 Aug


Now that host Willie Revillame is taking a break from his noontime show till mid-September, Comedienne Pokwang is getting the limelight everyday on Wowowie. The audience can’t help but laugh their hearts out every time she throws in funny remarks and puchlines while hosting most parts of the show. And oh, the clothes (or costume?) she wears everyday are indeed exaggeratedly flamboyant. Whoever designs these must be really crafty and crazy. Who would make a headdress out of a fish bowl with a struggling goldfish swimming inside it?

What stirs the audience’s curiosity recently is when Pokwang harks back to her grade school years as she stares straight at the camera while a nostalgic score plays in the background. She fondly reminisces the old days when she and a certain Carlito Buban were in grade two. Everybody chuckles when she talks about their childish experiences and Mariel Rodriguez would tease her about it.

But who really is Carlito Buban? Does he exist at all? Pokwang confirmed with conviction that he does however he has never shown up ever since she began searching for him on TV. To surprise Pokwang on her birthday, the Wowowie staff even tried to locate him but failed.  Is he dead?  Poor Poki.

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