Which part of your brain is more dominant?

9 Sep

The human brain is separated by a fissure into two distinct hemispheres- the Left Cerebral and the Right Cerebral Hemispheres. The sides have almost perfect resemblance and each structure is generally a mirror image of the other. Despite this very distinct similarity, the functions of each hemisphere are different.

Psychologists say that those who have a more dominant right brain are CREATIVE. They look at the world as a whole picture. They are holistic, intuitive, emotional and subjective.

On the other hand, left-brained people are LOGICAL and more into the details and parts rather than looking at everything as a whole. They are rational, analytical and very objective.

To test which half of your brain dominates more than the other, look at the picture from the link below and try to focus on the direction of the movement of the lady.


Researchers claim that if you see her moving clockwise, your right brain is more dominant and if anti-clockwise, you are a left brained person. Some can see it both ways. Those who can do it are said to have qualities of either sides. Talented huh!


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