Bayaw Movie Review

28 Sep

bayaw_janvier_paolo_andrew2I’ll go straight to the point; Bayaw, one of thef films produced by the recently concluded Cinemalaya Cinco Film Festival, is a failure. None of its aspects especially the technical part reach the level of being average. The editing was done feebly, so as the musical score, the acting is unrealistic and everything just falls out of its place.

 Bayaw follows the story of Nilo (Paolo Rivero), an ex-cop who, along with Rhenan (Janvier Daily) his wife’s brother, runs away from the police after he accidentally killed his wife after a heated argument. The scenes that follow tell about how they survive the dangers and temptations they meet along the way as they both run for their lives.

The story is consists of a number of cluttered pieces of subplots bound together through a series of investigative questioning thrown by an officer to Nilo and Rhenen in two separate occasions. It kind of reminded me of Slumdog Millionaire which developed its story through the same manner.  But unlike Slumdog,  Bayaw’s storytelling is slack and drifting. The scenes were loosely bound together leaving the audience either confused or lost.

The movie lasted for barely two hours but you never really get to know the characters that much. This is probably the result of how poorly they developed these characters and as well as the actors’ unrealistic portrayal of their respective roles. The acting was forced.  Paolo Rivero however shows a potential to do good but the film seems to be not the proper vehicle to let it out.

The camera shots are too shaky and the framing has no distinct focus. It’s as if they were using a camera phone. There are scenes that needed strong musical score but are kept hushed.  The editing lacks finesse.  Forgive me but I find nothing worth praising about this ambitious cinematic attempt save for the effort.

Rating:  *  1/2

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