Sineserye Presents Florinda: A Masterpiece

8 Oct


I have finished watching the final episode I missed from Sineserye Presents Florinda on You Tube just recently. The 20-episode series from The Susan Roces Cinema Collection is top-billed by Maricel Soriano who never fails to give high caliber acting performance in her every work either on TV or the big screen.

The series tells the story of  Florinda (Maricel Soriano) who made a decision to live in the ancestral house, given to her as a gift by her fiance Ramil, (Jay Manalo) after he mysteriously disappeared on their wedding day.  She strongly believes that Ramil will come back for her so she waits for him although she believes that the ghost of Ramil’s mother is haunting her.  Despite all the scary and trying adversities she has gone through in finding Ramil, Florinda has survived the life threatening dangers along the way which also led her to the truth that she’s been yearning for.

 Sineserye Presents Florinda is no doubt a masterpiece with its tight storyline, outstanding cinematography and very effective musical score. But its strongest point is the cast who gave commendable and memorable acting performances from the start to finish most especially the Diamond Star. Here, she has proven that even after almost 40 years in the industry, she has never lost brilliance.

One Response to “Sineserye Presents Florinda: A Masterpiece”

  1. anonymous October 8, 2009 at 2:39 pm #

    Same here, I love the Florinda.

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