Ang Tanging Pamilya Review

16 Nov

I usually refrain from reading movie reviews before watching a certain film as they greatly affect my viewing. But lately I’m experiencing a slight financial crisis that I had to make sure the movie I’m watching is worth my money so I thought reading reviews by plausible people might be of big help. Thus while Ang Tanging Pamilya (A Marry Go Round) was rolling before my eyes; I was already armed with anticipation and expectations I have assimilated from the not-so positive reviews I’ve read from trusted critics.

Ang Tanging Pamilya is a funny story of Sunshine (Ai-Ai delas Alas) and Dindo (Joseph Estrada) who are faced with a conflict that involves their past after their eldest and only daughter Charlie (Toni Gonzaga), decides to tie the knot with Prince (Sam Milby), her half American online boyfriend for two years. The arrival of the groom’s mom, Marlene (Dionesia Pacquiao) all the way from Hawaii exacerbated the trouble as she wants everything done her way. All of them are put into a test on how they will be able to survive these trying (and humorous) situations before the bride and groom can harmoniously and finally say I do.

Generally, there is nothing wrong with the story, save for the scenes that were inserted for the sole reason of making people laugh and not because they serve a part in the development of the story. The film could have ended 45 minutes earlier without these, but it would have been less funny. So I guess it’s just okay.

The cast has done their part fairly well. Ai-Ai delas Alas is called the Comedy Queen for nothing and Joseph Estrada, despite his 20-year break from making movies, has never lost that innate deftness every genuine actor should have. Toni Gonzaga was okay and Sam Milby, was a revelation. Not even in my wildest imaginations did I think he could be as funny as that. More comedy films for Sam please.

Supposedly this ought to be a part of the preceding paragraph but I decided to give Mommy Dionesia a bigger space as among all, it is she who caused me the best laugh ever.  Her partaking in the film was rather short than expected but her mere presence in it I tell you is more hilarious than Ai-Ai’s funniest punchline. And that’s an understatement. A movie with Mommy D in a title role in the future would surely give Ai-Ai, Eugene and Pokwang a run for their money.

Wenn V. Deramas has unquestionably mastered the art of making people laugh with his tried and tested comedy.  Well, it’s all been the same since Ang Tanging Ina and the other Wenn- Ai Ai tandems that follow. But it seems that the people are not getting any tired of it as proven by its reported box-office earnings after a week that draw figures beyond expectations. The harmonious laugh of the audience in all walks of life I witnessed is another testament to Deramas’ almost universal humor.

So don’t mind those reviews you’ve read. Grab your family, watch Ang Tanging Pamilya and have a good laugh.

Rating: *  * and 1/2

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