Sandra Seifert Suffers a No-win Situation because of Prudence

23 Nov

Sandra Inez Seifert, Philippines’s bet in Ms Earth 2009 held last night at the Boracay Ecovillage Resort and Convention Center, should have won the crown according to most people and pageant experts who’ve been following the competition since its initial press release. Early predictions of Seifert’s sure win were said to have ascertained when the 25-year old VJ and model impressed everyone during the pageant’s several preliminary competitions.  When I said everyone it includes the judges who pronounced her Best in Swimsuit and Best in Evening Gown among the 80 lovely candidates from all over the globe.

Calculation of Sandra’s victory strengthened after the whole world listened to her as she spoke of water pollution in the final interview last night.  “We’ve just seen clear images of water pollution- a principle issue also in my country. And as previously seen, garbage is directly linked to water pollution. What we must understand is that we are the root of all these problems but fear not, because we are also the solution. So please, in times of crises such as these environmental crises, please, please embrace opportunity because we can make a change. It starts now. It is the time for leaders to be born and for new creativity and innovations to happen. Please, please take note of this thank you”. That was Sandra’s unwavering words after gruesome images that depict water pollution were shown before her. I must say she had said the best speech among the Top 8 ladies and I’m certain, Ms Brazil Larissa Ramos who was crowned Ms Earth 2009, would not differ to that.

Announcement of winners came and Ms Philippines was crowned Ms Earth-Air, an equivalent to first runner up (correct me if I’m wrong). I stayed blank for a moment and then asked why as I never thought Sandra’s shot all along is only good for a second place. But when our very own Carla Paula Henry (Ms Earth 2008) appeared before the stage to bequeath the crown to Ms Brazil, the new Ms Earth, my question was answered.

There were a few who questioned Henry’s triumph last year which is normal as in any competition such is likely to happen. But somehow, to me it makes a little bit of sense to think the organizers of the pageant are from the Philippines and the competition itself is held here. So you really can’t blame some people if they would charge partiality on the matter. And that brings me to an opinion that Sandra’s failure to win the crown is merely because the organizers wanted to be polite. A twin victory in a row for us would surely raise qualms and that’s just sad because Sandra deserves the crown.

Here are the winners: MISS EARTH 2009: Brazil, Larissa Ramos, MISS AIR 2009:
Philippines, Sandra Inez Seifert, MISS WATER 2009:Venezuela, Jessica Barboza, MISS FIRE 2009:
Spain, Alejandra Echevarria

Best in Swimsuit: Philippines, Sandra Inez Seifert, Best in Evening Gown: Philippines, Sandra Inez Seifert, Best in National Costume:Tanzania, Evelyne Almasi, Miss Photogenic: Czech Republic, Tereza Budková, Miss Talent: Tahiti, Niuriki Teremate, Miss Friendship: Switzerland, Graziella Rogers


2 Responses to “Sandra Seifert Suffers a No-win Situation because of Prudence”

  1. belle November 23, 2009 at 2:26 pm #

    Congratulations to Sandra. You did a good job during the pageant your so pretty.

    • alexanderbsanpedro November 23, 2009 at 2:34 pm #

      Thanks belle for visiting. Are you contented though she din’t win the crown?

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