Legarda Goes Through the Changes

28 Nov

Alexander San Pedro

It is universally accepted that change is inevitable. In politics change is a very small word that anything can go upside down in just a blink of an eye. Who would think Mar Roxas will settle on being a candidate for Vice President despite all the noise and effort he created before Noynoy got into the scene? And why did I see LAKAS loyalist Ralph Recto and wife Vilma Santos in Noynoy-Mar show last Monday? And oh, how I pity those girl friends of mine who were saddened by Escudero’s shocking decision of not pursuing a higher position in the 2010 elections.

Loren Legarda, I believe is one of those who went through the most drastic changes barely half a year before the election. Earlier this year, the 49-year old Senator announced her straight intention of vying for the highest position of the land which somehow generated a conflict with Chiz Escudero, her party mate under the Nationalist People’s Coalition banner, who was also very vocal of his plan to run for President. Both decisions seemed irrevocable that probably caused headaches to NPC founder Danding Cojuanco Jr. and its members to decide whom to consider as their standard bearer.

It could be due to a realization that her chance of winning in the presidential race is slimmer  that on the night of October 23, 2009 at the Luneta Park in Manila, Loren proclaimed her decision of running for Vice President instead. During the announcement, it was never revealed to the public as with whom she will give her support in the 2010 elections but who else would people expect other than Chiz Escudero?

Not more that 5 days later, Chiz Escudero annouced his biggest decision yet before a jampacked crowd that consists of mostly his supporters at the Club Filipino. His decision of resigning from the Nationalist People Coalition (NPC) after his more than a decade membership caused mixed reactions from the people. Loren Legarda, when asked of her reaction, said she was ‘slightly hurt” of her partymate’s proclamation and I understand Loren if she feels such. Had Chiz made his decision sooner than her announcement to run for Vice President, NPC could have easily picked Legarda to be the party’s standard bearer.

Since the lady senator has already annouced her candidacy for Vice President in public, she decided to stick with it despite the fact that NPC is left with no presidential bet for the 2010 elections. Three presidentiables were allegedly courting her to be their running mate and I was religiously crossing my fingers that she would say “yes” to Gilbert Teodoro. Loren is an ackowledged vote-getter and I believe it could help boost up Gibo’s low popularity ratings as shown by various presidential poll surveys. But on October 21 she answered an implied “no’ to the possible Gibo-Loren tandem and it just saddened me a bit.

November 17, 2009 at the Laurel House in Mandaluyong City sets the official team-up of Manny Villar of the Nacionalista Party and Loren Legarda of the Nationalist People’s Coalition. The announcement from NP President and standard bearer wasn’t really a big surprise as the Manny-Loren tandem has been purportedly cooked up long before the ceremony. The collaboration is a “perfect fit” according to Senator Villar because he believes that they share the same advocacies. Well, it’s good to know that somehow, Loren is settled- for now.

Looking back at those rough times Loren Legarda has ran through, makes me think of what more could happen in 6 months before the May 2010 Elections. You can probably think of almost everything but there’s one thing that would surely remain constant I believe. And that would be Loren’s consummate credibility to run the country and her abiding passion for public service.


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