Funny but Unwitty (Mamarazzi Movie Review)

10 Sep

Single mom Violy,  a funeral parlor owner, lives a seemingly positive and happy life with her gay bestfriend (John Lapuz) and her 3 kids (Andi Eigenman in a dual role and AJ Perez) whom she managed to raise despite the disappearance of  Carlo (Diether Ocampo) their alleged father (and her bestfriend’s lover) before they were even conceived. Life runs pretty normal until Carlo returns one day to patch things up. Long kept secrets started to reveal that would teach all of them lessons they will never forget.

Director Joel Lamangan’s dramatic works  are bold, refreshing and imaginative, no wonder he’s one of the busiest directors this decade. From those high-budgeted period films to his socially relevant works, he always gets rave reviews from critics.On the other hand, his comedy flicks seems to lack wit and new ideas. Mamarazzi is funny but it doesn’t have that magic to keep the crowd from coming in to theaters.

Eugene Domingo at this point should start choosing her projects. No doubt, she sells like hotcake these days but she wouldn’t be able to sustain her current status if she chooses quantity over quality. She is a natural comedienne and it shows pretty well in Mamarazzi.

There’s nothing really much to mention among the rest of the cast. Their performances range from poor to average and it would make you feel that here, there’s really nobody else to watch but Eugene Domingo.

Most of the comedy films that reach critical and commercial success are those that boast a well crafted storyline composed of witty situational humor and a stellar cast. Sadly,  Mamarazzi doesn’t have any of those.  Like in any other comedy films by Joel Lamangan,  humor occurs in random and yes it’s funny but  it seems like it doesn’t make any sense at all.


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